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Find technologies in your imminent area of search and discover adjacent technological areas of interest thanks to our search algorithm powered by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) search methodology. The primary search is what will produce what we call Technology Listings. These are search results directly related to the search criteria and your search profile.

In addition to this primary search we will produce a secondary search, the Discovery search, as a result of applying AI methodology. That way, you will be able to discover new technological areas of interest allowing you to develop a disruptive innovative strategy ahead of competition.


Examples of this application are available below.




1.1. Primary search

Metal Nanoparticle Polymer Composites with Electronic, Computer and Adhesive Applications

A method, apparatus and system for creating a composite material comprised of nanoparticles and a polymer matrix, which can be utilized to site selectively heat said polymers utilizing lasers of a specific wavelength. Ever since the creation of electronics and computers there has been a push towards miniaturization. Advances in science and engineering that push forward the miniaturization Read More

Nanocomposite Formulations from Biodegradable Polymers and Methods of Making Those

Introduction High-barrier packaging is of interest to those packaging products in the food, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical and cosmetics industries. It is required to protect packaged products from the infiltration of unwanted gases, water vapor and flavors. High-barrier films are usually achieved by co-extrusion, lamination, coating and layering Read More

1.2. Discovery search

Modification of surfaces with nanoparticles using a photo-chemical approach

Nanoparticles are utilized in electronic as well as biomedical applications for surface modification. However, current techniques lack the spatial resolution and ability to effectively pattern graft nanoparticles to a substrate. This technology uses a chemical compound with varying functional end groups called phthalimides as a photo-initiator for grafting nanoparticles to surfaces. For Read More


Printed Actuators

Actuators find utility in a wide variety of applications, including self-deploying devices, relays, switches, etc. In particular, robust, low-power microactuators, with no moving parts, find ready application in fields such as robotics, artificial muscles, micro UAVs, etc., and the market continues to grow. While current microactuators already have Read More