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Examples are demonstrated below.



Self tooling, molded electronics packaging

A method of protecting an electronic component from the environment comprising the steps of providing a bag made from thermoplastic heat shrink material, inserting said electronic component into said bag, injecting a liquid polymerizable resin into said bag, heating said bag to shrink it about said electronic component and said resin, and curing said resin. Read more


Battery and fluid regulating system having chassis with molded electronics

A fluid consuming battery ( 10 ) is provided with a fluid regulating system ( 50 ) for regulating fluid entry into the battery. The battery ( 10 ) includes a fluid consuming cell ( 20 ) having a cell housing with fluid entry ports for the passage of a fluid into the cell housing. A first fluid consuming electrode and a second electrode are disposed within the cell housing. The fluid regulating system ( 50 ) includes a valve having a moving plate ( 66 ) disposed adjacent to a fixed plate ( 62 ). The moving plate and fixed plate both have fluid entry ports ( 68, 64 ) that align in an open valve position and are misaligned in a closed valve position. The fluid regulating system ( 50 ) also includes an actuator that may include one or more shape memory alloy (SMA) components ( 82 a, 82 b) for moving the moving plate ( 66 ) relative to the fixed plate ( 62 ) to open and close the valve. The chassis ( 550 ) may include an electrically conductive frame ( 500 ) integrally formed therein. Read more

Solenoid assembly with over-molded electronics

A solenoid assembly ( 23 ) includes a coil assembly ( 65 ) having at least one coil winding ( 73 ) and an electronic circuit assembly ( 67 ), which is in electrical communication with the coil assembly ( 65 ). The electronic circuit assembly ( 67 ) has a printed circuit board ( 79 ) and at least one electronic component ( 81 ), which is surface mounted on the printed circuit board ( 79 ). A coating material ( 85 ) coats all of the plurality of external surfaces of the surface-mounted electronic component ( 81 ). A casing ( 87 ) over-molds an outer longitudinal surface ( 77 ) of the coil assembly ( 65 ) and all of a plurality of external surfaces of the electronic circuit assembly ( 67 ). Read more